You can apply for the UK Seasonal Work Visa 2023 if you are an unskilled worker, which means you do not have any skills. The Seasonal Worker Visa for the UK is a temporary work visa that allows persons to work in the horticultural sector in the UK for up to 6 months in jobs such as fruit picking, packing, vegetables, and flowers. This type of art is popular in the Western world. Horticulture Seasonal Worker permits can be obtained at any time of year.


Previously known as the Temporary Seasonal Worker Visa (T5). You can apply for a Seasonal Worker Visa online from any nation. All nations are eligible for the UK seasonal Temporary Work Visa. You must apply and meet all of the eligibility requirements. Visa fees are extremely minimal. This visa does not require prior job experience or proof of language proficiency. More information is provided below.

Information on the UK Seasonal Work Visa 2023 – Apply Online

Job Location: United Kingdom

Job Category: Unskilled Job Duration: 6 Months

Type of Visa: Seasonal Worker Visa

What is a Horticulture Job in the United Kingdom?

Horticultural employment in the UK covers a wide range of positions.

For example,

  • You will need to pick fruits from farms.
  • You will need to select vegetables from farms.
  • You must pack the fruits and vegetables into the box.

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How much can you earn on a seasonal job in the UK?

The following are the minimum wage rates as of July 2023:

  • You can make between 9 and 10 pounds per hour. You can work five days per week.
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Seasonal Worker Visa Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a sponsorship certificate from your employer in the UK (for example, a job offer).
  • The sponsorship certificate is a document that you will get from your UK Sponsor. A sponsorship letter will be provided by many UK recruitment agencies/companies.
  • To support yourself in the first month, you must have at least £1,270 in your account. Unless your sponsor can cover your expenses up to £1,270 during your first month in the UK.
  • If your employer agrees to provide you with lodging, meals, and benefits, this must be noted on the Letter.
  • Your employer is required to ensure that your employment pays at least the minimum wage.
  • You need to have a job offer.

Processing Time

The UK Work Visa typically takes 3 to 4 weeks to process. After you apply online, you should receive a decision on your visa within three weeks.

Visa Fees

The fee for a UK Seasonal Work Visa is £259.

How long can you stay?

This Visa is valid for up to 6 months.

Documents Needed

  • A Current Passport
  • The Sponsorship Certificate
  • Job Offer
  • Bank statements or any other evidence proving you have enough money to support yourself in the UK are acceptable.

How Do You Apply for a Seasonal Worker Visa in the United Kingdom?

This Visa must be applied for online. Complete all of the preceding stages. Get a job. Make contact with your company before applying for a Visa online. Save your application form and then submit it when you’re finished.

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